Self-Sustainability Projects

We are hoping to achieve self sustainability with the following projects; please fund any one of these programs to help the children in need.
  • Feed a child fund:
    • A one time donation of $500 will help feed a child indefinitely. This will cover the costs involved beyond the agriculture infrastructure.
  • Children’s Health Care Fund:
    • A one time donation of $250 to $1000, to be put into an Health care fund , will help kids with medical needs to be met. Given the circumstances from which these kids came from, including orphans and street kids, many are malnourished and undernourished due to poverty. There are children with HIV infections and other disease such as Achondroplasia. This fund will cover cost of medications, dietician, add nutritional treatments, a nurse to be present at the campus at all times and for hospitalizations if needed.
  • School supplies fund:
    • A one time donation to put into a fund to get regular school supplies.
  • Learn and Earn program:
    • A fund made in the name of individual child to help them fund their college education once they graduate from 12th grade.
  • Energy fund:
    • Self sufficiency in terms of energy is planned to be achieved with using solar panels to produce electricity and Biogas plant to run generators.
  • Solar units:
    • Goal is ten solar units each costs $5,500 to produce power during day.
  • Biogas plant:
    • Run generator to produce power for all the school during night there by saving on costly electric bills.
  • Fund a chair of a teacher:
    • A one time donation of 10,000 dollars and the interest it generates, will provide for the salary of a teacher forever. This donation will help educate a whole class of students by funding the teacher that teaches the class.

Donations can be made using Paypal and Authorize.Net on our website.
They can also be mailed to PO Box 974 St. Charles, MO. 63301
Tax ID No. 27-1777536