Our Student’s Success


Anjali.T . (Graduated 2023). Awaiting college admission
I studied 10 years and completed 3-12 at Sri Sarada Niketan Public School. My grandmother joined me in the school when my father died and my mother had to be institutionalized when I was 9 years old. SSNP school is like a temple tome and my home. I am going to excel as a Software Engineer and hopefully pay back to the school and to society.

Lokesh G. (Graduated 2020). RIMS Medical College, Ongole
“I am a proud student of SSNP School. I finished studying in this great school from 3rd to 12th for 10 years. Joining this school is by far, one of my greatest decisions ever taken. The beauty of this school is that it teaches you not only good academic education, but also some priceless life lessons. The latter would help you greatly in the society & makes you “survival of the fittest”. I’m the live example ofit. It will take a lifetime to express my gratitude towards the legendary Director of the school, Dr. Subbarao Polineni sir. I’m very pleased I was doing MBBS by getting great support from you and forever grateful to the school.”

Venkat Narayana B.(Graduated 2018). Sai Tirumala NVR Engineering College, Narasaraopet.
“I have completed 5-12 grades, EAMCET and JEE Mains coaching in SSNP School for seven years. I also got the scholarship for hostel accommodation during my college education for four years from donors of Bright Life Foundation. I lost my mother when I was 1 year old and my father joined me here. SSNP school is like a home to me. The great lessons imparted by our director sir in addition to how to think and solve the problems in life are invaluable. I am proud to inform you that I have completed the Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and
Communication Engineering with an aggregate of 7.79 CGPA. Currently I am an intern at Aptiv Components Private Ltd with the designation of Embedded Software Engineer. I want to thank you and express my heart
full gratitude for funding my studies. The dream would never have come true without the help of the SSNP School & Bright Life Foundation. It is a great platform for the less privileged students, to help them head towards the road of success. I wish to eventually give back to others and be an educational donor to future students like myself.”

Gokul Krishna B. (Graduated 2018). Digital Specialist Engineer, Infosys.
“I have received a great opportunity to enhance my career irrespective of ups and downs in my life because of SSNP school and Bright Life Foundation. My life journey in the school took me to greater heights with the educational knowledge along with life skills which I have learned during the 7 years of study from 6th grade to 12th grade. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful opportunity.”

Mustafa S.D. (Graduated 2020). Chartered Accountant Articleship.
“I studied 7 years in SSNP from Six class to 12. Now, I am doing the course of Chartered Accountant Articleship. Since joining the school there has been no turning back for me, very good teaching, good environment, good supporting staff. The extracurricular activities every Saturday afternoon played a very important role for me because the activities bring out the hidden talent from the students. I scored 9.2 GPA in 10thgrade, and in intermediate I took M.P.C and scored 321 marks. Thank you to SSNP School and Bright Life Foundation.”

Venkatesh. D (Graduated 2015) Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada.
“I studied from Grade 6-12 at the school. When my father and mother got separated, I felt helpless with my education until I got a chance to study with accommodation in such a beautiful and heavenly place. SSNP School not only provided quality education but also taught me values which are far more important than education in anyone’s life. Our director sir, inspired me, trusted me and gave me the self- confidence which was needed to me at those hard times and helped me to reach my dream to become a doctor. After 3 months of joining MBBS, I lost my father. The only thing I remembered which gave me courage during hard times was taught by our school. “Never depend on anyone else – be self-sustainable” and “Learn and earn”. So I worked in the hospital during nights and in the morning went to college. After so much struggle I successfully completed my MBBS and doing my internship. Many many thanks to our Director sir and to Bright Life Foundation for everything. Proud to be SSNPian.”