Founder’s Journey and Vision

Dr. Subbarao Polineni was born in Martur, Andhra Pradesh on August 16, 1944. Due to limited resources, he was raised primarily by his grandmother until age 8. At the age of 13, he lost his mother and was estranged from his father. He was fortunate to be taken into the home of his maternal aunt and uncle; and through their generosity, he was able to experience a life that he would have otherwise never known. He went on to complete college and later obtain his medical degree. He moved to the United States with his wife in 1971, and has been a practicing hand surgeon in St. Louis, Missouri for more than 30 years.

Drawn to a life of philanthropy through his own personal experience, Dr. Polineni joined a good friend and colleague in medical humanitarian work in Haiti. Following this experience in Haiti, he went on to serve others by providing surgical care to those in need in India. These collective endeavors gave him the courage and conviction to transform his lifelong dream into a present day reality.

Believing in this cause that is so dear to his heart, together he and his wife have tirelessly given their time, effort, and the entirety of their assets towards the advancement of this mission. In 2012, Dr. Polineni experienced a personal setback when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. He was fortunate to receive the gift of a life saving liver transplant and has emerged from this experience with renewed strength and a sense of purpose to accomplish the goals of our foundation.