Donations & Contributions

With more than half of the total project completed, the remaining work lies in the sustaining a viable future for the school. The three pronged approach includes:
(a) Procuring more agricultural and dairy facilities (to be funded by the founder)
(b) Building an additional 30,000 sq. ft. building in the future for administration and elementary school facilities
(c) Developing a corpus/endowment fund which will ensure the school can be sustained for decades to come from the interest of the corpus fund (which will pay salaries of staff and maintenance; at present, these salaries are being paid by the founder)

We intend to reach a large number of like minded individuals to fulfill the above goals. Through contributions however big or small, donors will ensure that these children’s lives are brightened, their dreams fulfilled, and that their God given potential does not go unrecognized.

$10/month Campaign: A little Change Can Make a Big Change in a Child’s Life
A mere $10 per month for one year can educate a child for an entire school year! Unlike toys or clothing, education is an intangible gift that will benefit a child for a lifetime. You may be investing in the development of a future scientist, artist or social leader. Talent and heartfelt drive knows no boundaries. It may be surprising that such a small monetary amount can produce such drastic results, but we at Sarada Niketan Public School believe in the power and capabilities of these remarkable children.

All contributions made to Bright Life Foundation are tax-deductible, for federal and state income tax purposes. Our Tax Exemption number (EIN) is 27-1777536. Please contact our campaign coordinator via Phone: 314.965.2455 / Fax: 636.928.3115